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Stubborn Love was the first contemporary romance I’d ever written. It’s a story about a girl who has been hurt so bad she simply can’t seem to get out of her own way to find happiness. You will want to shake her at times and at other times find yourself rooting for her. It’s hard not to see one piece or another of yourself in her, at least that’s what I found as I created her. The good, the bad, the ugly, she got it all in life. With so much bad it’s hard sometimes to accept the good when it comes along. The best thing? You can get Stubborn Love in e-book on any platform!

And now and excerpt…

Walking through the kitchen, I turned the doorknob slowly, my heart beginning to race. Pulling it open, my heart fluttered as I saw Colin Bennett standing there. His arm was perched above him on the doorframe, his head hanging down. He raised an eyebrow as he drank me in, one side of his mouth lifted into a sinister smile.

Damn it! Why did he have to look so damn sexy when he was being so dirty? I knew exactly what he was thinking as he was looking at me. He must have had plans; well, he was wearing a black button up shirt, only the top button undone, a lean cut charcoal gray blazer over it, hugging close to his body. My eyes moved down to his black slacks and vintage suede leather shoes. His hair was pushed back, a few wild strands hanging in his eyes. I felt an ache deep within me, which only made me want to slap him, even though I knew it wasn’t his fault I was starting to lose control of my body.

“What do you want?” I asked, turning and walking away, leaving the door hanging open. I knew if I looked at him standing there any longer I might lose it. Why did he have to look so good? I suppose the jerks always did.

“Damn,” he whispered softly, not moving from his perch. I couldn’t help but smile as I continued moving away from him. I was glad I had garnered that sort of reaction; at least the dress was doing its job. I just hoped it would do the same for William.

“Do you need something?” I asked looking over my shoulder, making sure he didn’t see his response pleased me.

Colin pulled his arm down, and following me into the apartment, he closed the door behind him. I grabbed my clutch from the couch and dropped the tube of lipstick in, turning and looking back at him for some sort of answer to my question. He was still staring at me intensely, like an animal that wanted to devour its prey.

“Christian told me to meet him here,” Colin explained at last.

“What? No, that can’t be right. Paige already left to meet up with him. They were going to some party, I think,” I enlightened him.

“I know, apparently it was lame. He called and told me to meet him here. We’re going to The Half King instead. I’d invite you, but it appears you already have a wild night planned for yourself.” He smiled mischievously, and I could tell exactly what he was insinuating.

“Well, they’re not here,” I replied, refusing to give his last comment any sort of acknowledgment. Time was ticking by quickly, and I wanted to get Colin out of the apartment before William showed up. The last thing I needed to explain was why he was at my place.

“So, ‘not-interested-in-dating-right-now,’ where are you going dressed up like that?” he inquired, making himself comfortable in the oversized chair near the window. I couldn’t believe he actually had the nerve to ask me that, and even worse, to throw my own words back up in my face. A week ago I had no intention of dating anyone. Hell, right now I had no intention of dating anyone. I wasn’t about to tell him I was horny and a hot guy asked me out so I caved. I thought I sounded like a slut for just thinking it.

“I don’t really think it’s any of your business where I’m going.” I nervously looked back at the door; I needed to figure out how to get him out.

“I suppose not, but I think it’s obvious by the way you look you’re going on a date. The question is, why lie to me about not wanting to date right now?” Colin pushed; the line of questioning was clearly a thrill for him.

“It’s dinner, not that big a deal.” I dismissed his statement, not allowing him to see how much he was getting under my skin.

“Well, you look amazing, Em,” Colin complimented in a deep and irresistible voice. I couldn’t stop staring at his beard—it always seemed to be kept at the perfect length of slight stubble. I was certain it was smooth enough to not irritate you when you kissed, but long enough to accentuate his strong jawline. Damn it Clementine! Quit thinking shit like that!

“Thanks. But like I said, they’re not here, so I guess you should head home and try calling him perhaps,” I urged, desperate for him to leave.

“I’m fine. I’ll just wait here for them… if you don’t mind. You can keep me company,” Colin replied, looking me up and down again.

“Actually—” I began, but then was interrupted.

“Oh, wait, I get it. You don’t want me here when your date gets here,” Colin said, clasping his fingers together, watching me intensely from the chair. “What is it? Is he ugly? No wait, he’s old… like really old, right?”

My 5 Star Review

As soon as I started reading this book, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down. The prologue had me crying from the beginning. This story is made up about things that happen often and never really talked about. Some times life hits you hard at a young age but you have to not live in the past but move on. The main character, Emmie had a tragic beginning in her life but had a hard time excepting that she could move on when she found love again. Colin had a hard life to but when he found Emmie he quickly started to feel alive again. Once these two come together magic happens for both of them but one of their past comes back to hunt them. Do they find a way to over come what happened in the past? Read this book and you will find out if there is a happy ending. Loved this story and now on to the next one. Wendy Owens brought out a truly amazing storyline with this book.

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My 5 Star Review

I received a copy of this book for review. I have not even heard about this story until I received it. After reading this first story in this series, I fell in love with it. I am so glad to have found an new unique paranormal read. The paranormal story line is unlike any other one I have read. This author makes the characters all come to life and believable with many twist in the story. I really didn’t want to stop reading the story until I finished. Glad to have the next one already so I can see what else these characters get into. If you like new story lines in paranormal romance you will love this series.





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My 5 Star Review


Just when you couldn’t think a series could get better this second book, blew my mind. It left off, right where the last book ended. This story takes you to another world like no other. You never can figure out what will happen next and never could guess it if you tried. The twists that happens keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. Once you pick this series up, you have to continue reading until you are finished. This author has truly amazed me with this storyline. Can’t wait to start the next one in this series which is now. Glad the author recommended these books to me. Found an new favorite author.



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My 5 Star Review 

This is the third book in this series. This author is amazing with the way she writes and keeps all the characters in this story straight. We have old characters and new ones in this book. Just when all is going good for the first time with the main characters, that is when everything turns in to a huge explosion in their lives. We get to see more of these characters grow more into themselves and not rely on others. This paranormal world keeps you on the edge of your seat and you will not be able to put it down until you are finish. At the end of this book, you think everything will workout but no, that is when we get a huge cliffhanger!!! Can’t wait until the next book in this series is out!!! Loved every minute reading these fantastic stories, just need more. With each new book in this series, they get better and more entertaining. Wonder what will happen next?



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 My 5 Star Review

This is the fourth book in this amazing fantasy/paranormal series. Since the last book ended in a huge cliffhanger, I was glad this one starts were the last book left off. Livia is saved by Eamon but something isn’t right in her world. Everyone around her doesn’t remember their past or the things they once did with each other. Why would everything become wrong and not one person remembers the details like Livia did? Why does everyone seem to have moved one year ahead of Livia? Even Cassius has moved on with Rose. How could he do this and not still have feelings for Livia. In this world, Eamon has made their lives seem to be perfect but why does Livia feel like everything is wrong, somehow? Livia decides to figure out the truth to why everyone and everything is not right. What she finds out is something she never thought could be possible. When she does figure out a way to try to fix things, she finally learns what tricks that Eamon has been up to. The twist and turns in this story will keep you clued to this book until you find out all these answers and more. This has a perfect ending to this perfect series. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review and I am truly grateful that I got to read this series. If I had not receive a copy from the author, I would not have found this incredible storyline. With each book, the story continues to grow and I have loved each and everyone. I loved the world that these books take you to and these characters are unique in every way. Congratulations to this author for creating this world! Everyone who loves fantasy/paranormal this is a must read for you.

Sarah’s Premonition


I finished my next novel on November 17th.

It is called Sarah’s Premonition and I hope to have it out

sometime early next year 2015.

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Fearless Review

fearless coverSynopsis:

A Contemporary Romance Novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Priscilla West

“What are you doing?” Jax struggled.

My heart breaking for him, I raised his bruised hand to my mouth and kissed it tenderly. “Burning away the past.”

Beaten, bruised, and broken, I made a desperate move that would change our lives forever.

Just when I thought the worst was behind us, cracks appeared, secrets surfaced, and lies unraveled.

With threats closing in from all sides and our very lives hanging in the balance, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life.

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I received an ARC for an honest review.Wow! This is the second book in this series and it picks up right where the first book ended. Since the first book left us in a major cliffhanger, you know that Riley and Jax are going to have many things they will have to overcome. Riley tries her best to help Jax but he keeps pushing her away. No matter what these two go through they always have to fight for each other.Does Jax’s past demons push these two to a breaking point of no return? How will Riley save Jax from his past and does he even want to be saved? This story will take you on a wild ride from the beginning until the end. I wasn’t even able to stop reading this story until I finished this awesome book. I love this series and this author does a wonderful job on this story line.

Pauline Creedan Raven Blog Tour


Series: Chronicles of Steele #1

Release date: October 2014

Publisher: AltWit Press

Purchase: Amazon | B&N


Synopsis via Goodreads:

This is the complete Steampunk Fantasy novel – all four parts of the serial in one volume! Also includes bonus features found in the episodes.


Human life has value.

The poor living in the gutter is as valuable as the rich living in a manor.

The scoundrel is no less valuable than the saint.

Because of this, every life a reaper takes must be redeemed.


Raven has lived by this first tenet since she was trained by her father to become a reaper. But since his death, she’s been spending years redeeming the lives she’s taken. By her count, she’s even and it’s time for that life to end. If she settles down and becomes a wife, she might just feel human again. But on the way to the life she thinks she wants, the baron of New Haven asks her to complete a task which she cannot ignore… Just when Raven decides to give up on her life as an assassin, she’s pulled right back in.


This steampunk fantasy takes you on a journey with Raven Steele. She is a reaper who happens to decide to stop being a reaper but when her time comes to be done, she is thrown into another battle. She goes to her true love and to tell him she is finally ready to settle down but finds out, he didn’t wait on her. This devastates her. Maybe he wasn’t her true love after all and it wasn’t meant to be? She quickly gets a job caring for a young Duke to save his life from his father. He is sickly and his father wants him dead but his brother hires Raven for the job to keep him save. This job has it’s ups and down from the beginning and more difficult than Raven expected. The king sends his top guards out to find Raven and the young Duke. Along the way, we find out that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Never to trust anyone because they maybe the one who you trust the lest. Does Raven keep her young Duke Safe? What is the real twist in this story? Does Raven even find true love in the end? Will she always be a reaper? So many questions to be answered and I am so happy that I read this awesome story. Loved it!



In simple language, Pauline Creeden creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long. Pauline is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy.



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Nix & Scotlyn The Wedding Cover Reveal & Book Announcement

 Nix & Scotlyn: The Wedding (Custom Culture Book #5)
The Custom Culture guys, Nix, Clutch, Dray and Rett, are back for one final novel, and you’re invited!
Nix Pierce has been in love with Scotlyn James since long before he met her, and now he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But is Scotlyn ready?
Available December 20th, 2014

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All about T R Lykins


Reviews are coming in!!!

Sarah’s review Oct 11, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read from September 23 to 27, 2014

Ok, so if you don’t already know, The Life Gift is a Companion Novel to Last Heartbeat. Now that’s out of the way, I start off with a summary of the book and then give my review with my likes and dislikes.

Kristen wanted what her parents had, the perfect marriage. That was all until she left for college and they admitted the truth, they only stayed together to keep Kristen happy. So will Kristen be able to love when what she thought was perfect and what she longed for her whole life was all just a lie?

Kristen’s best friend and roommate Alexia, makes her realize there is true love once she sees Alexia & Phillip together. So maybe there is hope? Will she find “the one?” Something tragic happens to Alexia and Kristen soon realizes how precious life is and Kirsten knows she will make a decision that will not only affect her life, but also her friends. But will her decision be supported? Can she really do it?

The gift that Kristen offers her best friend Alexia is the most precious gift that can be given. Is 9 months something you would give up for your best friend?
So onto my review, I fell in love with Alexia & Phillip in Last Heartbeat when I first started author stalking TR Lykins. They have had a special place in my heart ever since. Both Phillip & Alexia had been through tragedy to get where they are today. If it wasn’t for Phillip’s brother Gabe, they would not be where they are. Alexia, Phillip, Jacob, Tyler & Kristen really do start their own family together.
The most precious gift is offered from Kristen and someone special to Alexia & Phillip. It will be loved for a lifetime. Will Alexia be able to accept this gift?

This is a clean romance that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the small things in life and how precious the gift of life is. I loved every minute of this story. The only thing I didn’t like is that all my favorite characters’ story has to come to an end. So I guess my only option is to reread it! Thanks TR Lykins for another awesome read!
**ARC given in exchange for honest review**

Ltmk Onbooks’s review Oct 10, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read in October, 2014

*Reviewed for HookedonBooksForever*

5 stars *hands down best books I have read in ages.*

In The Life Gift by TR Lykins we join Alexia’s best friend, Kristen on her journey of falling in love giving her best friends the ultimate gift of life.
I don’t even know how to summarize this amazingly touching story without giving it away. All I can is, after The Last Heartbeat (the first book) The Life Gift is an amazing continuation and closing of this story. Kirsten, Jacob, Phillip, Alexia, and Tyler, all college friends, become what can only be described as family. This is a clean, beautiful romance novel that much like the book from with it follows, will leave you inspired, touched and most of all thankful for the little things in life. TR Lykins you have created an amazing world of friends and family in this series and I must say it is one of the most beautiful stories I have read in a long time.

I was also given the last heartbeat to read, and felt this review was needed.

The Last Heartbeat

*Reviewed for HookedonBooksForever*


Karen Tribble rated it 5 of 5 stars
Oh. My. Goodness! This book is SO good! I just love these characters—especially the men that Lykins writes about! They LOVE their women! They LOVE their women! Did I mention that they LOVE their women? Plus Lykins shows what true friends do for one another. This book is thought provoking and makes you want to be a better friend and person!
Keep up the great work! I want MORE!

Tenver Owens rated it 5 of 5 stars
After gritting my teeth with her character in Last Heartbeat, I found this story to triumph any conceptions I had formed of her. The Life Gift was inspirational from the first page to the last. You’ll love the events and the reasoning behind Kristen’s choices. An absolute joy to read. Have some tissue in close proximity.

The Life Gift 


T R Lykins 


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The Life Gift Synopsis

  **** This is a companion novel to Last Heartbeat ****

Kristen believed her parents were truly happy and wanted a marriage like theirs. She really didn’t know anything about their relationship until she was leaving for college. That’s when they dropped a heartbreaking bombshell on her.

They only stayed together to make her happy. Now, she thinks she is the reason for their unhappiness, can she trust love?

Does love even last anymore?

Her new college roommate, Alexia, changes her mind about love. Seeing how fast Alexia falls for her dreamy guy Phillip, and how fast that dreamy guy falls for Alexia, she then realizes that maybe love could happen in her life!

 Now, Kristen has to change her ways and open her heart up for love. Can Kristen do that after watching her parents live a lie for so many years? Hoping she can find her true love and not get hurt, Kristen thinks she can find him out there somewhere, but where?

 One tragic moment happens to her friend and it makes her realize that life could end in a blink of an eye. Kristen makes a life decision that affects her and her friends.

Can she go through it?

This gift is the greatest gift she can give to her best friend, Alexia. Nine months of her life is a long time to give up for your friend.

Will this sacrifice be truly appreciated and will Alexia be able to take care of her precious gift?


Cover Designer: Juliana Cabrera


Photographer: Donna Dailey Hunter


Cover Model: Shawna Hunter

 Book Cover Reveal of The Life Gift Sale

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Reviews are coming in!!!!

Check out these Goodreads reviews of Last Heartbeat!!!


Sarah’s review Apr 19, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read from March 25 to 29, 2014

This story is very special to me and really hits home. I gave it 5 stars. One of my friends/coworkers is a organ donor, Bonnie Flexon. She donated her kidney to her sister. Her sister was on dialysis for 1 year before receiving Bonnie’s kidney. The doctors said ideally it would’ve been 3 years before she received a cadaver kidney. Both are doing well and it has been 18 years since their surgery. I hope this story makes you realize how special being a organ donor can be and that you will take the time to consider becoming a donor if you aren’t already. You would be amazed how many lives you can save by allowing your organs to be donated upon your passing.

I knew what I wanted to happen from the very start of this book. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. I’m not going to give any spoilers. Alexia is literally on her last heartbeat when she receives a donor heart. She goes to college and falls hard for Phillip. Both of them think they are broken but will another accident make them closer or completely break them both?

Tenver Owens’s review Feb 15, 14
5 of 5 stars

This book was a gentle read of a love story that takes you to the days of first love and the power to get through anything. Well written and a phenomenal storyline.

Sandy Adams’s review Feb 15, 14
5 of 5 stars

The Last Heartbeat is well written, kept me interested from beginning to end, and the characters were well developed. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.

Jami Cole’s review Feb 28, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read from February 25 to 28, 2014

This story was amazing. It kept me glued from start to finish and I even cried at the end. Well written a true young love, love story. Amesome job to the author and thank you for allowing me a chance to read this book.

Karen Tribble’s review Apr 13, 14
5 of 5 stars

Started reading & didn’t get a thing done until it was finished! Loved it!

Nikki Hensley’s review Apr 15, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read from March 25 to 26, 2014

I was lucky enough to have a chance to read an advanced copy of Last Heartbeat. I really enjoyed the read. Alexia (Love this name!) and Philip each have a very special story and share an incredibly unique bond. Last Heartbeat is an emotion filled ride, and I enjoyed getting to see both characters points of view throughout the course of the book. I also enjoyed the side characters. Philip’s friends and Alexia’s roommate were great side characters as well. I loved the time that Alexia and Philip spent at the beach, it definitely left me eager to take a trip to the sand! Fantastic debut novel!


Denise Van plew’s review Mar 30, 14
5 of 5 stars

Little did I realize when I first started this book I would be grabbed ahold of by the author and not let go till the author was finished with me. The characters in this one have alot of depth given to them that brought them to life so vividly especially with the characters alternating with their first person narratives. This is a story that explores love when two people discover each other with all their obstacles how love conquers all. It takes those obstacles and redefines them if the two really want it and grows a relationship that defies time and warms you to the very bones while reading it. Drama begins it and you are whooshed away shortly after to later where you formerly meet Alexia and then also meet Phillip. They meet at school which both are lucky to be there to begin with so they are going for the gold. Icing on the cake for them is meeting each other when neither had any plans of hooking up with someone special. In fact some would say Phillip turns the eyes of many a girl but he will soon only have eyes for Alexia. Both have a secret that they are guarding though from most concerning themselves but both are survivors to say the very least. I would say they are even most fortunate given second chance at life to be lived and loved to the fullest. This author then does that very thing taking me the reader through it all the building of this wonderful relationship between this two. It has care and concern that two should have for each other but Phillip alittle more honest with Alexia about his state then she is. Secrets do have a tendency to surface at the most awful times to create havoc like a bad storm and that is what happens when Phillip learns Alexia has also something different about her but hits close to home thanks to a special gift from his dead brother. Your heart by then has constricted and holding your breath to see if and what will happen with these two who by now love each other dearly. They have the kind that should not be thrown away but could be choked due to fear. You also would like to give Phillip a nudge in the right direction as he drags us the reader through anxiety wondering what is he going to do and is there any hope for these two. That is the wonderful thing about love the kind that is true there is always hope and this author will give it the spectacular star studded ending this novel of these two special characters deserve.

Philomena Callan’s review Apr 03, 14
5 of 5 stars
Read from March 29 to April 01, 2014

I loved the description of this book. However the book was so much better. This book had my jaw dropping at parts that I wasn’t expecting.
I guessed early on what was happening. Usually this puts me off a book but with this book it didn’t. It actually made me sit and read this in one sitting.
Alexia and Philip are the two main characters. They’ve been through a lot but are they willing to go through more heartache to be together?

I’m not gonna give anything away in this review. I just want to say that this is a really great written love story that gave me goosebumps at the end!!!


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Last Heartbeat


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Last Heartbeat Synopsis

Alexia has fought hard to over come a tragic illness in her past. Barely getting on with her life, she finally leaves home to enter the real world. This first big step makes her appreciate all that she has struggled with. This next step in her life, also leads her to a possible heartbreak. How can Alexia keep up with all of her struggles and keep going on?

Phillip has lost someone close to him when he was younger. This person was the most important person in his life. He has struggled to get past this loss, and once he does, he finds out something about his favorite person that makes him feel the hurt all over again. Why can’t Phillip move on for good? Can he really forgive someone in the past, if they no longer live? A chance meeting has Alexia and Phillip spending hours talking. This sparks an attraction for each other. Every day, running into each other makes the attraction grow stronger until they finally give in to it. When another accident strikes, both of their pasts come barreling back to haunt them. Can they move forward knowing the secrets they now know about one another? How much more can two broken people endure? Will they find their way back into one another’s arms or have they finally come to a breaking point in life?


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